Twenty Incredible Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Online Directories

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Redesigned Google News Uses AI to Connect Related Stories Together

Google says the more the app is used, the better the recommendations will get. Google News will also let users indicate when they want to see more of a specific publisher. Alternatively, users can opt out of seeing stories from specific publishers. With a new focus on rich media, stories will feature text articles, images, and YouTube videos. A new format called “newscasts” will bring together a collection of articles, videos and quotes on a single topic. Users can dig deeper into a particular story by tapping on “Full Coverage,” which will provide a complete look at how the story is being reported from a variety of sources. Unlike the “For You” section, “Full Coverage” is not personalized, which means everyone will see the same information from the same set of sources. Another unpersonalized news feed can be found in the “Headlines” section, which features trending news from around the world. An all-new “Newsstand” tab will allow users to find and follow news sources they already trust, including 1,000 magazine titles in a mobile-optimized format. This is highly reminiscent of the days of Google Reader.

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